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The Area

Voidokilia Beach  is a popular beach in the area of Pylos. In the shape of the Greek letter omega (Ω), its sand forms a semicircular strip of dunes. The land facing side of the strip of dunes is Gialova Lagoon (or Yalova Lagoon), and important bird habitat. The beach has been named "A Place of Particular Natural Beauty". It is part of a Natura 2000 protected area.


Polilimnio Waterfalls

The Polilimnio Waterfalls in the village of Haravgi is something different to the usual Greek beach scenery... Lush greenery, multiple cascades falling into pools of turquoise waters and a welcome respite from the hot summer days make Polilimnio perfect for a refreshing dip.


Gialova Lagoon:

Also known as Divari, from the Latin vivarium, which means “fish farm”, the area has been designated as a Special Protection Areaand as a Site of Community Importance. Moreover, it is a Wildlife Refuge and one of the Important Areas for Birds (IAB) in Greece. It is the first stop for the migratory birds from Africa and it is also home to a great number of mammals, serpents, amphibians and fish. Probably the most significant species that lives here is the very rare and endangered African chameleon. (Source: